A weekend where the Church of Howard County will serve and worship, together.


Opportunities to serve will occur:

Saturday, June 8:  10am - 1pm
Saturday, June 8: 1pm - 4pm
Sunday, June 9: 10am - 1pm
Sunday, June 9: 1pm - 4pm

The opportunity to worship will occur:

Sunday evening, June 9: 6pm at the Crossroads Community Church - South Kokomo campus.


We will serve together at projects at a variety of locations in Kokomo and Howard County, with a special focus on the downtown and north Kokomo areas.

We will worship together at Crossroads Community Church - South Kokomo campus.  NOTE: You do not have to serve to attend the worship service!


We will offer to partner with schools, organizations, and government officials in developing projects that will help them meet the needs of our community.  We will also solicit projects from God’s people throughout the city and county.


People from every congregation in Howard County are invited to serve and worship together on this weekend. We hope to involve multiple churches in the leadership and administration of the weekend.


The purpose of this weekend is to validate and demonstrate the reality of our love for God and for people by serving and worshipping, together.  On this weekend, we will walk our talk.  We want to live out the principle presented by Jesus in Matthew 5 – “so they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven.”

How will this be administrated?

We will utilize an on line tool called Signup Genius. People can also come the day of and volunteer to serve on a project.  People can sign up to serve as individuals, as families, or in small groups.

How will this funded?

We are trusting God to provide for this weekend through His people and participating churches. Financial support is not a prerequisite for participation.  Note:  We project 2019 costs to total maybe $20k.  Those costs include the Signup Genius fees, tech costs for the worship service, and materials costs for the projects.

How will this be promoted and communicated?    

We make use of this website and our Facebook page to share most information, as well as through the Signup Genius tool.  Participating churches will be provided announcement materials and a promotional video for use in their congregations, as well as full access to the online and social media Serve presence.

What can a church do, now? 

Again, pastors and leaders of every fellowship in Howard County participating in this are invited and urged to . . .

Pray – for the details of the weekend, for the Church to come together, for projects to be identified, and for God to bless our witness to this community.  God does nothing except through the prayers of His People.

Participate  – we invite churches to officially commit to be a part of the weekend and to promote the serving and the service with your people.  We would challenge (but not require) churches to consider cancelling their weekend services in a statement of commitment and full participation.  We would also encourage you to invite other churches to Serve Together with us.

Recruit – begin to prayerfully identify individuals from your church that would be willing to serve as project leaders – taking ownership of the specific places we will serve.  Also, prayerfully look for projects within your own people and contacts.

We would welcome the chance to discuss this more fully.  I would be glad to meet with you and your leaders, to answer any questions and explore ways that your church can participate in and support this weekend.  Let me know where and when to come.

Contact information:  email - kevinsmith@ecrossroads.org, cell – 765.438.8088

May God help His Church to heed the call to serve, and worship, together!     

Rough Tentative Timeline

February-March – Recruit participating churches, begin to identify and train project leaders, make first contacts with area organization, continue leadership structure development, finish testing and developing the VOMO software, prepare for full launch

April-May – solicit individual projects, launch online sign ups, continue leader training, match trained leaders with projects, intensify promotion among participating churches

June – worship and serve, together!